Display of Sportsmanship - Dallas Tigers, Diamond Kings, & Kelley Athletics

Francisco Baez, catcher for Team Dominican Republic - 12U, with Chris Godwin, Head Coach for Dallas Tigers Godwin 12U, & CEO of Diamond Kings Baseball Academy.  In a game the day before between the 2 teams, the catcher Francisco came over to the Tigers' dugout, and in his best broken English, asked if he could borrow a catcher's glove.  He didn't have one.  Our catcher for that game, Hudson Hefner #10, let him borrow his in a generous act of sportsmanship.  At every inning half, the one would wait for the other to exchange the mitt, or simply leave it at home plate.  How many of you old timers have ever done that before?  That will surely make you count your blessings for what we & our kids have now, won't it? 

Well Coach Godwin went back to Diamond Kings that evening, got a brand new Kelley catcher's glove for him.  Here he is presenting it to Francisco so that he will have his own catcher's mitt to use back home in the Dominican Republic, courtesy of the Dallas Tigers 12u, Diamond Kings Baseball Academy and Kelley Athletics (and the entire baseball community in the USA).